Top 10 Unforgettable Breathtaking On Earth of Canyons Beauty Nature

#1. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Hunan

UNESCO World Heritage Zhanjiejia Canyon Amazing of China Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Hunan (Source: zhangjiajietravelclub) Amazingexplore The sandstone pillars of Wulingyuan Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon National Park, The world heritage beauty canyon The sandstone pillars of Wulingyuan (Source: cntraveler)
Situated in Hunan Province, Zhangjiajie Prefecture, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon is a recently developed wonderland. It incorporates woods, caves, cliffs, and mountains, and it is currently becoming a tourist attraction in Zhangjiajie. As a tourism destination that was developed, Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area and just Wulingyuan Scenic Area where is a World Nature Heritage.
Amazingexplore Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Hunan Zhangjiajie-Grand-Canyon-Hunan (Source: technocrazed)
According to the legend, It's said that the canyon formerly had two names, one is "Canyon of Broken Boats" because of long ago many mysterious broken parts of boats flowed from the spring source of the canyon; another is "Canyon of Miscellaneous Springs" due to the two precipices of the canyon there are plenty of impressive waterfalls. The canyon's water comes from Shenquan Stream and seems to gush from the rotten boards of a ship.
Amazingexplore Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie, Stunning Color in Evening Wulingyuan Scenic Area in Zhangjiajie (Source: explorezhangjiajie)
The waterfalls, in Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon, the air, the trees, and the mist on the flow make you feel as if you're in a type of place of peace. There meanders A spring from the canyon which is trails. There are a lot of interesting places in this area, such as Tianhe River Sightseeing Deck, The Dramatic Rattan, Chuangwang Pavilion, Rotten Ship Rock, Slide-way, Butterfly Spring Waterfall, and Bandit Cave.
Amazingexplore Stunning Nature Waterfall Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon National Park China Nature Waterfall Zhangjiajia Nationalpark China (Image Source: superbhdwallpapers) Amazingexplore of The overall "Avatar Experience" in trekking Zhangjiajie & Tianmen Mountain Tianmen Mountain Zhangjiajie (Source: sublimechina)Amazingexplore of The overall "Avatar Experience in trekking Zhangjiajie & Tianmen Mountain Tianmen Mountain Zhangjiajie (Source: sublimechina) wulingyuan scenic cableslider zhangjiajie national park china Wulingyuan Scenic Cable Slider Experience (Source: zjjpark.com) Amazingexplore Zhangjiajie Cable Slider Crossing Wulingyuan Zhangjiajie Cable Slider Crossing Wulingyuan (Source: zhangjiajietravelclub)
Along the way, you can see the landform from the north temperate zone in addition to The World's Longest and Highest Glass Bridge. It's the longest and greatest glass bridge in the world with 300 meters from the base of this Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon and was opened to the public on August 20, 2016. The glass bridge will not only serve as a walkway. Visitors can go bungee jumping and zip-lining off of it as well. Proceed downhill and you are suggested to start at the peak of the canyon, these attractions coming to view.

Amazingexplore  Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge The World's Longest and Highest Glass Bridge in Hunan ChinaZhangjiajie Glass Bridge (Source: chinatravel)
Amazingexplore The World Highest Glass Bridge Zhanjiajie Grand Canyon Hunan Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge The other skywalk in the world (Source: alibabuy)

#2. Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah

explore to amazing place in the world Bryce Canyon the rock forestBryce Canyon (Image Source: utah.com)
Bryce Canyon is an amazing colorful stone forest red, orange, pink located in southwestern Utah and was known as amphitheater's stage a Norse myth 70 million years in the making. The epic of the canyon comes alive as you proceed through the circuit as the sun sets and rises.You can find out a lot of Variations of nature experience.
Do you find a cavern? ...beatific angels arrange liner the stadium of paradise? See what you would like and interpret to others. Amazing rock pillars in Bryce Canyon National ParkBryce Canyon Rock Pillar(Image Source: utah.com)
Time, water and wind have eroded the sandstone cliffs of Bryce Canyon National Park into characters plucked from the unconscious of a Viking that was made. Rows of rock pillars look so beautiful, weird and quiet surreal although intentional.Your view of the park is an unveiling. Wind through stands of trees until they break in the rim of Bryce Canyon National Park, showing a panorama of a color of fins, towers and goblins you can not quite name.
Amazingexplore of Bryce Canyon National Park photo of golden sunset rock pillars Golden Sunset Rock Pilla Bryce Canyon (Source:chandru-murugan-photography) Sunset park in Bryce Canyon Amazingexplore of tourist destination attraction
Sunset Park Bryce Canyon (Source:utah.com)
Speaking of frost, do not pack for Zion when you are likely to Bryce, which is a complete 18˚F cooler. Brian Head Ski Resort is only up to the street. It is a national park that is year long: comfortable snowy and all summer hoodoos result in skiing that is gorgeous to spring.
Zion Beautiful National Park
Zion National Park (Source:traveldigg)
Bryce Canyon Snowy Hoodoos, Amazing Scenery and Colorful Explore
Snowy Hoodoos Bryce Canyon (Image Source: utah.com)
Explore to Bryce Canyon National Park, Bike it, ride or lift it, snowshoe, a horse, If you don't need to park, hop on people-watch and the shuttle between perspectives. Have a camera full of pictures nobody will understand and allow the giant monsters that are yellow-pink haunt your dreams.
Mossy Carves in Bryce National Park Explore
Mossy Caves (Source: utah.com)
Snowshoe Tour Expore to amazing park reager and mossy carves
Snowshoe Tour with Park Ranger to Mossy Caves (Source:utah.com)

#3. The Grand Canyon in Arizona

Grand Canyon Arizona Overview Timelaps(Videos Credit: visitarizona)
Magnificent, vast and beautiful that is inarguably, Located in Northern Arizona the Grand Canyon is the most distinguishable landmark and a wonder of Arizona that you have to see to believe. Stretching 277 miles from end to end, steep walls descend over a mile into the floor of the canyon, where a route south is traced by the Colorado River.
Grand Canyon Skywalk is a tourist attraction and a shaped cantilever bridge near the Colorado River in Arizona in the Grand Canyon West region on the border of a side canyon.
Grand Canyon Skywalk is a transparent horseshoe shaped cantilever bridge and tourist attraction explore in Arizona
Grand Canyon Sky-walk transparent horseshoe shaped (Source:forum.xcitefun)
With the support of the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon has enlarged for six million years, and for centuries, people from all around the planet have traveled to gaze out over its grandeur that was orange, pink, yellow and red. Managed by the National Park Service and formally designated as a UNESCO World Heritage site, There are more than 4 Million visitors visit the canyon every year, making it the most visited national park in the United States.
Explore amazing Gran Cayon Arizona at Grand View Point and Moran Point
Grand view Point and Moran Point (Source:travel.aarp.org)
Experience a Grand Canyon rafting trip of a Life with Arizona River Runners, Reputable, proficient, and enjoyable, that have been working since 1970 in the Grand Canyon. Views of towering astonishing side canyon hikes, historic ruins, wildlife, canyon walls and the world famous water.
Amazing experience to explore North Canyon Eco star by helicopter
Helicopter North Canyon With EcoStar (Source: keywordsuggest.org)
We have been enthusiastic about sharing the surroundings of the Grand Canyon and maintaining it for future generations of families and adventurers to experience. You will be enjoyed and more confidence on having competent, knowledgeable and personable guides for each Arizona rafting vacations. Video feature via:Arizona River Runners | Grand Canyon

#4. The Horseshoe Bend in Arizona

Explore to amazing places in the world Horseshoe Bend drone view capture
Horseshoe Bend Drone View (Source:horseshoebend)
Not far, from the beginning of Grand Canyon National Park, It's about a 5 mile walk out to the edge overlooking Horseshoe Bend is one of the Southwest’s “small wonders”. Unlike other tourist overlooks, there were not any guardrails that separated visitors from the 1,000 ft fall into the Colorado River. This is a free attraction and there are no funds or insufficient complaints to warrant the authorities to construct a barrier.
Visitor insisted to take the picture from a higher ledge horseshoe bend arizona
Visitor insisted shot from a higher-ledge without guardrails (Source: theworldisabook)
We felt standing and was amazing to see the layers of smooth Navajo sandstone, sand and other particles which created this pond, flanked by natural elements, over tens of thousands of years. The Colorado River is an astonighing force that cut through these sandstone layers in the canyon to naturally form this unusual bend. Videos feature via:Movee Go

#5. The Antelope Canyon in Arizona

Arizona-Wedding-Photographer-Flagstaff-Sedona (Source:grandcanyonweddingpackages)
The mysterious and haunting beauty of Antelope Canyon (also called Corkscrew Canyon) awaits the adventurous traveler that attempts come to see the surprising masterpiece of the colour nature and find one of the most spectacular attractions of the Lake Powell region. A tour for this sculpture set in stone for professional and amateur photographers.
the rock wave in antelope canyon arizona
Antelope Canyon-The Wave (Source:traveldigg)
Amazing beauty nature of rock wave antelope canyon arizona
Antelope Canyon-The Wave (Source:topworldresort)
Antelope is the most visited slot canyon in the Southwest, partially because it's readily available and by far the most publicized, and as it's very beautiful, with just the correct mix of depth, width, length, stone color and ambient lighting; many other slot canyons are deeper, narrower or more, and some have stone that's more vibrant and sculptured, but here conditions are perfect.
explore amazing canyon in arizona antelope rock wave
Antelope Canyon-Beauty Shot (Source: traveldigg)
antelope canyon upper level amazing photo of nature wonder arizona
Antelope Canyon-Upper (Source: topworldresort)
Antelope Canyon Arizona is a must-have if you're traveling on States' west to see. The lands belong therefore it wasn't included in the list of all US national parks. Antelope Canyon Arizona refers to the slot canyons and has been formed flows and flows . Its overall length is more than 100 meters, and it is composed of 2 levels: both the Upper and the ones. Both areas of the canyon were formed to its level is far easier to get, however, in a way, so it is led by groups of individuals.
antelope canyon nature wonder explore attractions
Antelope Canyon (Source:traveldigg)

#6. The Yellowstone, Grand Canyon

Amazingexplore  Stunning Waterfall Grand Canyon Yellow Stone
grand-canyon-of-the-Yellowstone (Source:trailguidesyellowstone)
The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is the most sight in Yellowstone Park. The canyon is up to deep in places. You can see the Upper Falls, or Lower Falls plunging to the 308 ft. Stains indicate the areas of steam vents and springs from the canyon walls. For centuries, the chemistry of the rocks has changed, turning them white, red, yellow, and pink.
Amazingexplore Capture Overlook of the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Overlook of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (Source: yellowstonepark)
Amazingexplore Grand Canyon Yellowstone
the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. (Source: technocrazed)
The stones are rusting. The colors indicate the presence or absence of water from the iron compounds that are individual. As lots of folks think, the majority of the yellows in the canyon would be the result of iron within the stone as opposed to sulfur.
Lower Falls of the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (Source: yellowstonepark)
Best Places To Visit in USA - Top 10 From Inside World

#7. The Siq in Petra, Jordan

The road that contributes to the city, the Siq, ends in the Treasury and begins in the Dam. It's a rock canal which reaches around 80 meters in height and measures 160 meters in length. Rock formation creates the principal area of The Siq and the Nabataeans Carve.
Amazingexplore The path above the royal tombs gives a bird’s eye view of the Treasury in Petra, Jordan
above the royal tombs gives a bird’s eye view of the Treasury in Petra (Source:dsphotographic)
It is evident that the water flowed but the channel covered with panels of rock and is carved out of the stone, and there are spaces set up to filter water. These prevented the flooding in the Siq, and onset of the Nabataean dams are observable for accumulated water.
Amazingexplore A horse and carriage move through the narrow, flowing canyon of the Siq in Petra, Jordan
A horse and carriage move through the narrow flowing canyon (Source:dsphotographic)
Aspects of the Siq were embellished with sculptures that were Nabataean representing gods. It's thought that the statues of their sculptures and gods were located very close and even because of the Nabataean belief that sacred water. On the left side, additionally, there are called Sabinos Statues.
Amazingexplore Candles and moonlight illuminate Al-Khazneh, the iconic Treasury of Petra, Jordan
Candles and moonlight illuminate Al-Khazneh, the iconic Treasury (Source:dsphotographic)

#8. Cotahuasi Canyon in Peru

Amazingexplore Cotahuasi Canyon in Peru, World Deepest Canyon
Cotahuasi Canyon in Peru, World Deepest Canyon (Source:vivianalive)
Cotahuasi Canyon located near the city of Arequipa (about 124 miles) in the heart of the Southern Andes in Peru, known as the Deepest Canyon in The World. The canyon is a chasm that's impressive by the river has eroded between two mountains massifs: the Solimana and the Coropuna.
Which each towers across the ravine at over 20,000 feet above sea level. At its deepest point, the canyon cuts approximately 11,560 ft into the ground - only slightly deeper than its nearby rival, the Colca Canyon.
Amazingexplore Cotahuasi Canyon in Peru, World Deepest Canyon
Cotahuasi Canyon in Peru, World Deepest Canyon (Source: peruforless)
**Ancient Peru Dead Bull (Toro Muerto Petroglyphs) Rock Carvings Hidden in this landscape are some of the examples of art in the world, estimated five million pieces of volcanic tuff depict animal, geometric and human figures likely to have been carved between 500 and 1300 B.C. A menagerie of critters such as condors, foxes, alpacas, snakes, and fish mingle with dancing figures and shapes on the stone that, after centuries, remain intact.
Amazingexplore Toro Muerto Petroglyphs Trekking - Acuarela Tour PeruAcuarela Tour Peru
Toro Muerto Petroglyphs Trekking (Source: acuarelatourperu)
**Sipia Waterfall, Cotohuasi’s most attraction This magnificent waterfall pours off the edge of a cliff, crashing impressively 150 meters (492 feet) below. It is one of the most scenic attractions of the Cotahuasi Canyon. The waterfall is accessible either by foot or by van and is located about 10 km (a little more than 6 kilometers) from the city of Cotahuasi.
Amazingexplore Stunning Meet Sipia Waterfall, Cotohuasi’s most photogenic attraction. Photo by Andreas Bakke/Photoblog from South America
Meet Sipia Waterfall (Source:peruforless)
**Luicho Thermal Baths Located about 17 km (about 10.5 miles) in the town of Cotahuasi from the little village of Alca, the Luicho Thermal Baths are recommended for people suffering from ailments like arthritis, muscular atrophy, rheumatism, and stress. Known for its healing and therapeutic qualities of its waters that are neighboring, the Luicho Thermal Baths are the product of activity that comes under the surface of the earth. The volcanoes in the area of the Cotahuasi Canyon are inactive, but their thermal action heats the bathrooms' waters to temperatures between 33°C and 38°C (90°F to 100°F).
Amazingexplore Thermal baths in Luicho
Thermal baths in Luicho (Source: vivianalive)

#9. Canyonlands National Park in Utah

Canyonlands National Park in Utah is famous for its desert landscape, located to the west of the town of Moab and a short distance from Arches National Park. The entire park is sculpting layers of Red-rock, Woodcut and the large slow chisels of water. Imagine wave after wave of deep canyons, towering mesas, pinnacles, cliffs and spires stretching across 527 square miles.The Colorado and Green Rivers trisect the Colorado Plateau, etching Canyonlands.
Amazingexplore Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Canyonlands National Park, Utah (Source:nationalparks.org)
Because of the park's massive size, Canyonlands has four Different "districts," including three land districts and the rivers themselves. Canyonlands is home to many distinct types of travel experiences, from sublime solitude in the more remote stretches of the park to moderate moves throughout the Needles district to the chance to create your own version of one of the West's most photographed landforms, Mesa Arch.
**Island in the Sky is the district offering expansive views from overlooks several hikes of varying length and a route, along with the scenic drive flat-topped mesa with panoramic overlooks.
Amazingexplore of Island in the Sky, A view from Green River Overlook
Island in the Sky (Image Source: nps.gov)
**Other notable areas include the towering rock pinnacles, forms the southeast corner of Canyonlands and has been named after Cedar Mesa Sandstone that dominate the area's spires, known as the Needles.
Amazingexplore The Needles Canyonlands National Park in Utah
The Needles(Image Source:;hawkebackpacking)
**The Orange Cliffs Unit on the western boundary is co-administered by Glen Canyon National Recreation Area remote canyons of the Maze and the Native American rock paintings in Horseshoe Canyon Unit. The Green and Colorado rivers wind through the heart of Canyonlands, cutting through sandstone that is layered to form two canyons. In contrast to the hot desert over, the river corridors are shady green and filled with life.
Amazingexplore The Maze Canyonlands National Park Utah
The Maze (Image Source: technocrazed)

#10. Havasu Canyon Indian Tribe of Arizona

Havasu Canyon is a gorge where turquoise waters cascade into willows that are graceful and pools and cottonwoods that are lofty provide color and greenery in an extraordinary setting of towering sandstone cliffs. It's a side branch of the Grand Canyon which was a people's home but recently it's been the inhabited for the last 800 years from the Havasupai. This title comes from the color of this aquamarine, the river which is caused by heavy limestone deposits from the cliffs online Havasu Canyon. It is like a turquoise oasis and appears to defy nature.
Explore amazing beauty nature canyon on earth Havasu Canyon Havasu Canyon Indian Tribe of Arizona (Source: bearfoottheory)
Havasu Falls The creek wanders across the plains for around 50 miles. Except until it reaches Havasu Springs for flash flooding, Cataract Creek is a trickle. Having a flow rate of approximately 28,000 gallons per minute and a concentration of calcium carbonate, the riverbed is lined with cherry that provides its color to the creek and reflects the sun. On the way into the Colorado River about ten miles away from Supai Village. Water is particularly valuable in a dry and arid land and the Havasupai believe the origin of the river for a sacred place that's intimately related to the legend of the origin.

However, what most people do not understand is that Havasu Falls is one of the 5 crazy waterfalls of Havasu Canyon, all of which have a normal temperature of 60-70°F, and are that teal and swimmable. Here it is the water park for nature lovers, although, on trails, you would be stoked to have a glimpse of them.

havasufalls wonder nature waterfall on earth in havasu canyon
Stunning Havasu Falls (Source: bearfoottheory)
In this post, we will share you the scoop on these most beautiful waterfalls of Havasu Canyon, along with some of the favorite photos from tourist. If you are a person who inlove and adventure with waterfalls hope this will inspire you enjoyed and share some with your friends. For more info on the trail, camping, permits, directions, and other logistics, see Havasu Falls Camping Guide.
Fifty Foot Falls is located about 8.5 miles from the trailhead and a mile or so past Supai village
Fifty Foot Falls (Source: waterfallsofthegrandcanyon)
Navajo Falls is directly below Fifty Foot Falls  deeper than Fifty Foot
Navjo Falls (Source: bearfoottheory)
Mooney Falls is the tallest and most forceful of the 5 waterfalls of Havasu Canyon
Money Falls (Source: bearfoottheory)
Beaver Falls The trail to get there is dynamic with some ups and downs and amazing views to watch out for wildlife
Breaver Falls (Source: bearfoottheory)



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AmazingExplore: Top 10 Unforgettable Breathtaking On Earth of Canyons Beauty Nature
Top 10 Unforgettable Breathtaking On Earth of Canyons Beauty Nature
1. Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon in Hunan 2. Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah 3. The Grand Canyon in Arizona 4. The Horseshoe Bend in Arizona 5. The Antelope Canyon in Arizona 6. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone 7. The Siq in Petra, Jordan 8. Cotahuasi Canyon in Peru 9. anyonlands National Park in Utah 10. Havasu Canyon
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